Free Income Companion License - Pass It On!

Know anyone who you think could benefit from using Income Companion? Tell them about this innovative approach to managing everyday finances before the end of April so they can get a free license!

A local marketing firm is doing market research for Income Companion. People are being asked to use the program and provide feedback on their experience. In exchange for their participation, the users will receive a free license should they decide to continue to use the program after the 60 day free trial.

I have extended that offer to anyone who may be interested in trying Income Companion. To qualify for a free license a person must start using the program on or before April 30, 2018. At the end of their free trial period, they can send an email to me to request their free license. Of course, any feedback they choose to share will be appreciated.

The request email can be sent using any email address on the Income Companion Help menu or on the Contact page on the 2 Good Software website.

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