Would you rather barf than talk about money?

Do you know anyone who feels uncomfortable talking about money; maybe is even scared of, or frightened by money?

Do you know anyone who thinks that the only way to have more money is to get a raise, move to a better paying job, or start a side hustle?

Do you know anyone who has tried budgeting and failed? Anyone who feels that living paycheck to paycheck is inevitable?

The discomfort felt by many people about money is aggravated by the myriad financial gurus who are adamant that budgeting is the only way to get control of your finances. With 3 out of 4 people in the United States not preparing a budget, it is possible that the gurus who are trying to help are actually perpetuating a mindset of failure.

Imagine using a tool that makes managing your household finances understandable and fun for your entire family. A tool that doesn’t require a lot of your time. A tool with a one-time price that is about the same as a book about budgeting. That magical tool, or software, is available now.

This blog is a primer for those people who either will be, or are now working for a living and who want an effective way to manage their hard earned income. I’m talking about the money you use to buy groceries, pay the rent, make the car payment, to buy a latte. The money you use to get through each and every day of your life. The money you may not have enough of to get you through each month let alone put anything aside for retirement.

We’ll start by learning what is meant by “personal finances.” We will lift the mystery that shrouds money so that you have a thorough understanding of what your day-to-day financial life entails.

Once you understand what your household finances are all about, learning the ins and outs of the new, magical software will be easy. With the program structured around the six personal finance activities that you will learn about, setting up the software will make perfect sense.

This blog is a conversation. As we progress through demystifying money and move on to setting up the software, please share your thoughts, questions and concerns. Discussing money is not fatal. The more people that join this conversation the sooner we will all get comfortable with discussing finances. It's not about how much you earn. It's about how you get the most benefit from your income.

My goal is to help as many people as possible to find the financial peace of mind that Lois and I have been enjoying for the past 15 years. Come along for the ride. There’s plenty of room for everyone.


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