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Are You Ready To Have "The Talk" With Your Kids?

There are two topics that parents are usually loath to discuss with their children. The first, of course, is sex. But, if you don't discuss the birds and the bees with your offspring they, like every generation before them, will figure out how to make babies. In fact, each new generation tends to be of the opinion that they are the first generation ever to discover intimacy.

The second topic is something not only parents, but, just about everyone is reluctant, if not downright scared, to discuss with anyone else. That would be money.

Do you know anyone that starts to hyperventilate when money is mentioned? Maybe stop breathing entirely? Or suddenly leave the conversation without a backward glance?

How about anyone that laughs nervously and begins to have a never before seen twitch in one eye at any hint of a discussion about income?

Like the majority of kids back through recorded history, parents and schools systems have pretty much ignored their responsibility to prepare children for…